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Psychotherapists in Delray Beach

Psychological and/or emotional distress affects everyone at some point in their life. It affects an individual’s feeling, thinking, behavior, as well as eating and sleeping habits. Therapy and counseling can help bring back a balance into your life that is lost because of anxiety, depression, stress, or addictions. As [...]

Suicide and Addiction: The Reality of Their Correlation

by Melissa Howard No one wants to experience suicide or suicidal ideation. Often, suicide is a last resort to end suffering. Unfortunately, there is a painful relationship between suicide and substance abuse. If someone in your life suffers from addiction, here is what you need to know about the [...]

Pride Before the Fall: Alonzo’s Story of Overcoming Addiction and Saving His Marriage

By Constance Ray, Guest Contributor Substance abuse has a sneaky way of damaging even the strongest of marriages. At first, the lies start out so small you hardly even notice them. Then they grow. And multiply. Before you know it, you’re deceiving your spouse on such a regular [...]