You stop talking, the intimacy in the relationship is gone, and every little mistake is put under the microscope and blown way up. That’s the state of marriage for many couples, in contrast to the vision of an idyllic marriage.

There are many reasons why relationships break down. Among these are poor communication patterns, lack of trust or respect, keeping secrets, not devoting enough time to each other, financial stress, different life goals, and lack of physical and emotional intimacy.

What to do when your marriage is breaking down

Solutions for a Broken-Down Marriage

What to do when your marriage is breaking down? Is there hope to repair and rebuild what once seemed like a healthy relationship? For marriages that seem on their way out, the good news is there is help. But, you need to ask for help in order to receive help.

While advice or suggestions from family and friends may seem somewhat helpful, delving more deeply into what’s ailing your relationship and how to fix it requires the expertise of a trained professional.

Why Marriage Counseling Works

Marriage or couples counseling helps partners gain a better understanding of their expectations and needs. Under the mentorship of a trained marriage therapist or couples counselor, couples are taught healthier ways of communicating with each other. 

As communication strengthens, partners can more effectively resolve conflicts through increased understanding, empathy, and problem-solving. This leads to emotional and physical intimacy.

Marriage Counseling in Delray Beach, Florida

The Counseling Center for Growth and Recovery offers a supportive, client-centered, solution-focused, and evidence-based approach to helping couples explore their challenges, move past hurt and resentments, and reconnect with joy and purpose.

We offer both in-office and virtual counseling sessions and look forward to hearing from anyone in search of caring and compassionate help from a marriage therapist in Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, and the surrounding areas.