The corona virus (COVID-19) is sweeping through our nation with lightning speed.  As most of the nation is under some mandated quarantine, most of us are dealing with an increased level of uncertainty regarding when and how things will get back to normal and even what that new normal may look and feel like.  Craving certainty in our lives has given way to profound feelings of isolation and anxiety.  The world we knew somehow feels different and we are left struggling to figure out how to navigate these trying times and come out on the other side healthy and whole.  The benefits of online therapy during COVID-19 are endless because it’s a safe form of counseling without direct social interaction, but rather done virtually from the comfort of home.

Benefits of Online Counseling During Coronavirus

Is Online Therapy During COVID-19 a Good Idea?

There are many things we can do to maintain the best possible level of emotional and mental health.  Some of these To-Dos include, but are not limited to:  getting outdoors as much as possible (while of course maintaining healthy social distancing) through exercise, tending to the garden, or just sitting or standing outside to get some fresh air; working on puzzles, word games, knitting, cooking or baking; reading and watching series television and movies; engaging in social media and phoning or texting family, current and past friends, colleagues and coworkers; volunteering to shop or deliver meals to those persons who are unable to go outside.  Many of you can probably add to this list.

During normal (pre-COVID times, many of you may have already struggled with high levels of uncertainty, anxiety, depression, lack of focus and purpose, low self-esteem, trauma, and the like.

Since the COVID-19 (aka coronavirus) pandemic has infiltrated the U.S., your emotions may have skyrocketed, and life’s challenges may have only gotten worse.  This is a particularly trying time for those persons struggling with mental health issues, especially if they are not under the care, support, and guidance of a trained mental health professional.

Teletherapy and the Coronavirus Pandemic

For couples struggling with their relationship, increased time spent together poses problems as well as opportunities.  Those couples considering separation or divorce are forced to remain together, for now, leaving old hurts and wounds, betrayals and conflicts raw, with continued arguments ensuing.  For those desiring to remain together yet not knowing how to end the constant barrage of insults, accusations, sarcastic remarks, nit-picking and arguments, this forced togetherness has the potential for renewed commitment towards making the relationship work albeit without a clear vision or guide on how to get there.  This is where a trained mental health expert specializing in couples counseling can mean the difference between failure and success.

There is no better time than now to take care of your mental health.  Problems will not go away on their own, and challenges will only be made greater during the COVID-19 pandemic.  You can begin to take charge of your life and create an increased sense of certainty and well-being during these tough times.  Change is possible, but it’s up to you to take that first step, to dig down deep and acknowledge that your way of working through your problems hasn’t worked and to make a decision to seek counseling or psychotherapy to help you grow as a human being and in your relationship with the world around you.

The good news is remote therapy (also known as teletherapy or online therapy) has been around now for several years and has proven to be as effective as in-office therapy.  It is an essential tool for helping people with anxiety, depression, trauma, adjustment, and phase of life problems and relationship issues gain increased insight into their challenges and learn effective coping skills and practical strategies for increasing emotional and physical well-being. If you are interested in teletherapy or online counseling during coronavirus, we are here to help you.

You don’t have to go it alone

Depression, sadness, anxiety disorders, addictions, stress, and worry can make it difficult to find happiness in your life. We all need support at different times in our lives.  Most of our clients seek help when their current way of dealing with life’s challenges no longer works for them. We offer remote online therapy from the comfort and security of home that will allow you to learn more effective ways of managing your anxiety, depression, or relationship problems. Contact us today to set up a virtual appointment and let’s get started on making you feel better.