When two individuals decide to spend the rest of their lives together, they often get married to live together and love each other forever. However, not every marriage remains rosy throughout the years that the partners stay together. Often, challenges arise in marriages, representing rocky patches that nearly all American couples face.

The reasons for these bumps on the happy road to a blissful married life vary widely. They include financial, emotional, physical, or sexual issues, amongst many others. However, counseling and therapy have proven over time that they are as effective in rehabilitating a failing relationship for all other personal psychological/physiological issues.


What Can Therapy Do for a Failing Relationship?

When troubled times come, and partners hardly see eye-to-eye on many grounds, they are typically referred to a marriage counselor or therapist. Too often, problems crop up in marriages but receiving professional and unbiased advice and tips to get back on track proves immensely helpful.

In a couple’s therapy session, partners work closely with a therapist who helps them address underlying personal issues that cause friction in the relationship. For instance, one partner may be harboring an unhealthy behavioral pattern such as substance addiction or some other issue. These habits become toxic to the relationship, bringing about miscommunication and other ills.

Through counseling, such problems are dug out and resolved with both partners present, so healing is simultaneous. Marriage counseling Florida focuses on replacing unhealthy behaviors with healthy ones while highlighting ways to improve the overall relationship to facilitate personal and couple growth in both partners.

What About Video Therapy for Couples?

Now, with video therapy, partners can arrange and set up a meeting time with their counselor without overhauling the entire day’s schedules. The time spent commuting to and from the counselor’s office is also eliminated, as well as any waiting time in any therapist’s reception.


Why Online Therapy is a GOOD Idea for Couples

Although failing relationships are mostly referenced in this article, marriages considered “working” should also opt-in for a therapy session. The reason is that there is always room for improvement. Therapy does not always mean something has gone wrong and needs repair, but also that a relationship is working fine but can be further improved. Besides, statistics show that couples who seek counseling have higher rates of maintaining long-term relationships and hit fewer major hurdles along the line.

At the Counseling Center for Growth and Recovery, we employ licensed clinical social workers in the role of psychotherapists that specialize in treating anxiety disorders, depression, addictions, trauma, along with marriage counseling. We have over 25 years of experience in allowing men, women, and families to recreate their lives under our careful guidance, care, and support.