Do you want to finally break free from the chains of anxiety and the overbearing fear to live a productive and enjoyable lifestyle? If so, then you’re in the right place. I am a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist with over 25 years of dealing with mental health, anxieties of various kinds, and helping people find joy in their lives. Here at the Counseling Center for Growth and Recovery, we are dedicated to helping you live your life fear and stress-free.

Anxiety And The Havoc It Can Wreck

There are different forms of anxiety and various successful ways of overcoming this common problem. While under my guidance and care, I will help you explore the various types of disorders and their symptoms, and what you can do to get relief once we pinpoint your specific type of anxiety. Remember that when worries, fears, or panic attacks start to get in the way of your life, you may be suffering from a mental health issue that requires professional help to manage and overcome.

What Is Anxiety And How Can I Get Help?

anxiety freedomIt is normal to feel anxious when facing a difficult situation, but to reiterate, it is when the worries and fears affect and interfere with your daily life, that is the point where you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder. What is anxiety anyway? It is the body’s natural response to danger, kind of an automatic alarm that goes off in your mind when you feel threatened, under tremendous pressure, or are facing a stressful situation in your life. Some anxiety is normal, but there is a line that is crossed into it being a mental health issue that requires a little help and guidance from a professional.

However, for example, anxiety can wreck havoc in a persons’ life if they suffer from powerful anxiety attacks that strike without warning or if someone struggles with a disabling fear of public speaking. The Counseling Center for Growth and Recovery is here to help you ease your fears and stress under my supervision, Irving Schattner, LCSW, so that we can get to the core issues and provide you with lasting solutions and inner healing. We provide psychotherapy and counseling services to individuals, couples, and families so everyone is welcome. Feel free to contact us anytime to schedule an appointment or if you just have a question, I am here for you.

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