Depression is a common but serious illness that causes a person to feel intense feelings of sadness and loss of interest in things they once enjoyed. Depression negatively impacts the way a person feels, the way they think, and the way that they act. If depression is left untreated, it can lead to some serious emotional and even physical problems and negatively affect any and every aspect of a person’s quality of life.

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Online Treatment for Depression

In order for someone to be diagnosed with depression, symptoms must persist for at least two weeks. The good news is that depression is very treatable. Symptoms of depression and severity of depression vary from person to person and can include:

  • Feeling overly sad or having a depressed mood
  • Lethargy
  • Changes in appetite
  • Weigh loss of weight gain
  • Loss of interest in once pleasurable activities
  • Changes in sleep patterns- not sleeping enough or sleeping too much
  • Feelings of worthlessness and guilt
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Difficulty make decisions
  • Trouble with memory
  • Feeling restless or slowed down
  • Feelings of “emptiness”
  • Thoughts of suicide or death

According to the latest statistics by the National Institutes of Health (NIH):

An estimated 17.3 million adults in the United States had at least one major depressive episode. This number represented 7.1% of all U.S. adults.

With the added stress of the recent Corona outbreak and all the unknowns surrounding it, those numbers may climb even higher. This means, now more than ever, people need treatment. Virtual therapy offers that to them in such uncertain times. Virtual therapy entails providing a wide variety of mental health services, including treatment of depression, and support from a therapist without actually going to a therapist’s office. This happens over the internet via video chat, online chat, over the phone, etc. Virtual therapy is quickly becoming an important source for mental health help for more and more people. It operates very much like traditional therapy and provides all the same resources and you can practice the same techniques for treatment you would in traditional therapy for depression such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and interpersonal therapy.

Depression Therapy from Home

With cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), your therapist will help you identify unhealthy and negative thinking that leads to depression and will work with you to change those behaviors and negative beliefs that make up your symptoms. Interpersonal therapy (IPT) can help you develop new techniques to improve your relationships by solving problems in a healthy way and expressing emotions.

Many people with depression may also find it difficult to actually go to traditional therapy sessions. This could be from the lack of motivation, from feeling embarrassed about needing help, or because they could be afraid of getting help. Whatever the reason, virtual therapy offers people therapy from the comfort and therapy of their own home and in their own time.

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You don’t have to go it alone

With offering virtual therapy we can continue to reach our patients in this great time of need. Life can be very challenging and we all need support from time to time. For any mental health concerns, online counseling can be a great approach for you. At the Counseling Center for Growth and Recovery, we offer a solution-motivated approach where we can explore, in a safe way, your challenges in life.

Dealing with depression you are dealing with isn’t an easy thing to face. Luckily you do not have to face it on your own. We are ready to help you or a loved one overcome the pains and struggles in your life every step of the way. Now is the time to get the help you need. Let us help you do it.