The idea of talking to a complete stranger about your relationship may seem frightening. If you are considering giving couples counseling a try, but are unsure if it is right for you, you are not alone. Although it may be a scary idea to reveal such intimate things to someone, it is very helpful to have access to someone with whom you can talk openly to about your relationship that doesn’t have a biased opinion and is able to see things from the outside looking in.

couples counseling

Why do Couples go to Counseling?

Whether you have been together for a couple months or a couple decades, all couples can benefit from going to counseling. There are many reasons why a couple might seek counseling. Relationship counseling is a good tool for almost any problem you may be facing in your relationship. Below are some reasons for going to couples counseling but counseling is not limited to just these examples.

  • Communication issues: Good communication is the basis for all healthy relationships. Couples counseling helps to teach couples how to communicate with each other in a positive and constructive way
  • Sexual problems: Sex is a big part of a healthy relationship. It can bond couples together and be a great way to build trust or relieve stress, or it can create anxiety and make the bedroom an unhealthy environment. When sex is lacking in a relationship, it tend to cause emotional distance, insecurity, resentment, or the thought of an affair. Going to couples counseling can help couples understand why there is distance from one another and assist in reconnecting two people on a very intimate level.  
  • Infidelity and trust issues: Infidelity and unfaithfulness can be a very hurtful and damaging thing that a couple goes through, but it does not have to mean the relationship is over. Couples counseling provides a comfortable and healing space where a couple can voice opinions and get to the root of the problem so that they can begin a journey towards resolution. Counseling can educate people with the process of regaining trust and provide the tools and direction to help.
  • Discussing money: Money can be an uncomfortable subject for many people and this doesn’t subside when you’re in a relationship. It can be awkward or upsetting to discuss financial matters with your spouse, whether it be because of debt, irresponsible spending, or just simply because one person make more money than the other.
  • Separation or divorce: Perhaps counseling is a last ditch effort to all around save a relationship. Maybe you are separated and attempting to mend the relationship or are headed in the direction of a divorce because you don’t see how things can get better, but you still want to try and fix it. A counselor can play the part of an unbiased, third party to listen to all of the issues within your relationship and provide constructive ways to mend it.

What are the Benefits of Relationship Therapy?

Maintaining a healthy relationship and solving problems within it takes skills that few are naturally equipped with. We may even think we are doing all we can to solve problems in a relationship, but couples counseling can be of great benefit by teaching us new techniques of solving problems and getting our needs met that you may not have thought of before.

  1. You will learn how to resolve conflict in a healthy way: Couples counseling will give you the tools to have good communication skills, which are of upmost importance in a relationship. They help you with not only listening to your significant other, but also help with processing what the other person is saying.
  2. You will learn how to communicate effectively: Counseling will show you how to voice your needs openly and in a clear manner without creating resentment, anger, or tension. If you can communicate effectively, your relationship will prosper.
  3. You will learn how to voice your opinion without being offensive: Both partners need to be able to talk about their issues to the other person without having fear and in a way that is constrictive, not destructive. In couples counseling, you will learn how to get out what you need without making demands or starting a fight.
  4. You will learn how to work through unresolved problems: Couples counseling offers a safe environment for expressing feeling. Getting feelings out and in the open with a trained professional may be all you need to get past a difficult issue.
  5. You will develop a better understanding of your partner: Not only will you develop a better understanding, but it will also be a deeper one. Better yet, you will also learn more deep idea of who you are and what your needs are as well.

You don’t have to go it alone

Dealing with relationship problems can be very challenging and we all need support from time to time. At the Counseling Center for Growth and Recovery, we offer a solution-motivated approach where we can explore relationship in a supportive way. You do not have to face problems with your spouse on your own. We are ready to help you overcome the pains and struggles in your life every step of the way. Now is the time to get the help you need. Let us help you do it.