If you are considering giving relationship counseling a try but are unsure if it is effective, you are not alone. Many couples go to therapy to talk about their issues and figure out constructive ways to repair whatever is ailing them. If you feel like your relationship is in hot waters or you could just use a little help, finding a relationship counselor is a mature and beneficial route to take. At The Counseling Center for Growth and Recovery, we have specialized training and expertise in relationship and couples therapy.

Many couples coming to therapy complain about their inability to communicate with or be understood by their partner. This is typically more symptomatic of a larger issue that keeps the relationship from growing in a healthy way. A skillful therapy trained in couples counseling can help clients move forward from impasse and stagnation to healthy communication, and consequently, more positive relationship-building behaviors.

Why Relationship Counseling Works

Top Reasons Why Relationship Counseling Works

Whether you have been married for a couple months or a couple decades, or are simply in a committed relationship, all couples can benefit from seeing a therapist. There are many reasons why a couple might seek counseling. Relationship counseling is a good tool for almost any problem you may be facing in your relationship. Below are some examples but counseling is not limited to just these examples.

Communication issues: Good communication is the basis for all healthy relationships. Therapy helps to teach couples how to communicate with each other in a positive and constructive way. Each person communicates differently depending on how they were raised and these differing communication styles can strongly effect how well, or not well, a couple communicates with each other.

Infidelity and trust issues: Infidelity and unfaithfulness can be a very hurtful and damaging thing that a couple goes through, but it does not have to mean the relationship is over. Relationship counseling provides a comfortable and healing space where a couple can voice opinions and get to the root of the problem so that they can begin a journey towards resolution. Part of a solid relationship between two people is being able to trust one another. After trust has been broken, it may feel like the relationship is unsalvageable. Counseling can educate people with the process of regaining trust and provide the tools and direction to help.

Sexual or intimacy problems: Intimacy is a big part of a healthy relationship. It can bond couples together and be a great way to build trust or relieve stress, or it can create anxiety and make the bedroom an unhealthy environment. When sex or any kind of intimacy is lacking in a relationship, it tends to cause emotional distance insecurity, resentment, or the thought of an affair. Going to relationship counseling can help couples understand why there is distance from one another and assist in reconnecting two people on a very intimate level.  

Discussing money: Money can be an uncomfortable subject for many people and this doesn’t subside when you’re in a relationship. It can be awkward or upsetting to discuss financial matters with your spouse, whether it be because of debt, irresponsible spending, or just simply because one person make more money than the other. Seeing a counselor to discuss things like this helps open a door of communication about finances in a comfortable environment. A counselor may even be able to help a couple get to the root of why it is such a hard subject to talk about.

Separation or divorce: Perhaps counseling is a last ditch effort to all around save a relationship. Maybe you are separated and attempting to mend the relationship or are headed in the direction of a divorce because you don’t see how things can get better, but you still want to try and fix it. A counselor can play the part of an unbiased, third party to listen to all of the issues within your relationship and provide constructive ways to mend it.

Reasons Why Relationship Counseling Works

  • Good counseling helps you to actually hear what each other are saying and have productive conversations instead of another dreaded fight. When a relationship is stressed, negative communication patterns tend to happen. It increasingly becomes difficult to have a productive conversation where you can find solutions to a problem. In counseling you get the support to hear each other and learn how to be responsive to what your partner is saying.
  • Counseling supports connection and emotional safety. Counselors do many things to help couples like education, coaching, providing new ideas and perceptions, emotional support, and accountability. Most importantly, they provide a safe place where couples can communicate without the impact of negative communication patterns. With understanding comes empathy, new solutions to old problems, emotional closeness, and a desire for change. With this mindset intact, it becomes easier to unravel problems outside of the counseling as well.
  • Counseling offers guidance about what to do differently. Talking about things often isn’t enough. Just like anything in life, the only way something will really change is by following through with the things you talk about in counseling. Counseling gives you goal-oriented strategies that will help make real life changes. Once you’ve develop understanding and open communication, you can expect to also leave counseling with practical solutions for how to maintain these positive changes in your relationship.

You don’t have to go it alone

Dealing with relationship problems can be very challenging and we all need support from time to time. At the Counseling Center for Growth and Recovery, we offer a solution-motivated approach where we can explore, in a safe way, your challenges in your relationship. You do not have to face problems with your spouse on your own. We are ready to help you overcome the pains and struggles in your life every step of the way. Now is the time to get the help you need. Let us help you do it.