Marriage and couples counseling in Delray Beach, Florida, should be done with psychotherapists, clinical social workers, or other mental health professionals who have special training and experience in this field. Relationships are complex and multi-layered and require a foundation of trust, hope, and commitment. When these areas are damaged, it is the role of the marriage counselor or couples therapist to teach and promote healthy, open communication between partners so they can begin the challenging yet necessary work of repairing the loss of trust and move towards mutual problem-solving and reconciliation.

It is said that love conquers all. However, life stressors can become so impactful that even otherwise loving couples can find it difficult to live with their partner.  When one partner is unfaithful or deceitful, it can lead to distrust and bitter hurt by the other partner. As lies and deceit pile up, partners may feel discouraged or resentful towards one another and unable or unwilling to work together for common goals. In these instances, it takes a skilled marriage and couples therapist to move past the impasse that has been created.

Marriage and Couples Counseling in Delray Beach, Florida

Finding a Relationship Therapist in Delray Beach, FL

When searching for a couples counselor or therapist in Delray Beach, FL, do your research. Licensed clinical social workers who work with couples and are trained in marriage, couples, or relationship counseling, are uniquely qualified to offer a systems approach to managing unhealthy behaviors that negatively impact the relationship. Utilizing systems theory in working with couples, clinical social workers understand how behavior is influenced by a variety of factors that work together as a system. These factors include family, friends, money, and work/career to name a few. Thus, the couple is not treated as if in a vacuum but, rather, as part of an intricate larger context. The systems approach recognizes that human beings, and by virtue of this fact couples, are complex systems unto themselves, with their own history, values, goals, and expectations. It is the role of a trained marriage or couples counselor to dissect (or deconstruct) the various parts that come into play within the context of the relationship and to help couples move towards a healthier balance of needs and wants.

There is ample evidence to support the effectiveness of couples or marital counseling. A recent peer-reviewed study offers the following insight:

Behavioral Marital/Couple Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-based couple counseling have significantly reduced relationship distress, as measured by the Marital Adjustment Scale (MAT). (BMC Public Health)

More About Delray Beach Couples Counseling

The good news is that no matter how hopeless the situation may seem, there is usually light at the end of the tunnel. The Counseling Center For Growth & Recovery offers a supportive, solution-focused, and evidence-based approach to helping couples explore their relationship and move past hurt and resentments, to reconnect with joy and purpose.

We offer both in-office and virtual counseling sessions and look forward to hearing from anyone in search of caring and compassionate help from a marriage therapist in Delray Beach, FL., or around the area.

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