Being unfaithful in a marriage or monogamous relationship can result in a great deal of stress, emotional pain, resentment, and uncertainty. Navigating the path forward after one’s partner has been unfaithful can be incredibly challenging. Some people do what they can to repair the damages created by a cheating spouse. Other people give up without trying and end the relationship without understanding why and how things got so bad.

The role of couples or marriage counselors it to guide partners towards a fuller understanding of how things got so bad and what if anything can be done to repair and improve their relationship. While cheating on one’s spouse is never justified, it is important to not only deal with what lead up to this event but put into context any underlying personal and interpersonal factors that precipitated the act of cheating on one’s partner or spouse.

Marriage Counseling For Cheating Spouses

Why Do People Cheat in a Marriage?

The main reason that drives people to step out of their marriage may be a lack of satisfaction in the relationship. For a relationship to be successful, both people in the relationship need to feel secure and safe with one another. Feeling unsatisfied can come in many different forms. A person can feel unsatisfied emotionally, financially, sexually (or lack of intimacy), to name a few reasons. In order to have a thriving and successful relationship, both partners need to feel appreciated and supported. Lack of satisfaction can leave a relationship vulnerable and can make cheating more likely.

A person may also feel inclined to cheat on their partner because of personal, rather than relational, problems which have not been adequately dealt with or resolved. Their purported dissatisfaction with their relationship may actually be a smokescreen to dealing with personal insecurities and a general feeling of discontent rather than an actual flaw in their relationship. In such cases, they create new relationships in order to satisfy unmet emotional needs. While seeking new relationships can offer excitement and adventure in the short term, it carries inherent risk and often unintended consequences to one’s marriage or monogamous-based relationships.

Repair Your Relationship with Marriage or Couples Counseling

The most practical and effective way to save one’s marriage or relationship is to get help from a licensed therapist with specialized training. Relationship counseling gives you access to an experienced mental health professional who is unbiased and can supportively guide partners to a fuller understanding of each other and practical solutions and specific techniques for repairing and even invigorating one’s relationship. With the help of a trained expert, couples, and spouses once on the verge of breakup or divorce can now begin the process of repairing the relationship. With increased trust comes the opportunity to invigorate or put new life into the relationship as never before.

You Don’t Have To Go It Alone

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