Work–life balance is the term used to describe the balance that individuals need between time allocated for work and other aspects of life. Areas of life other than work–life can be, but not limited to personal interests, family and social or leisure activities. In today’s day and age, we know that overworking yourself is very detrimental to your mental health and wellness, but how do you take the steps to change this?

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How Do You Achieve a Healthy Work-Life Balance?

To avoid from getting burned out professionals get to correctly balance the high risk of becoming overworked. Mental health is one of the aspects of a person that will suffer though it won’t be the only problem that arises from having a poor work-life balance. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America explains that the stress of a poor work-life balance can cause physical illness.

Whether in good times or bad, most people say that stress interferes at least moderately with their lives. Chronic stress can affect your health, causing symptoms from headaches, high blood pressure, and chest pain to heart palpitations, skin rashes, and loss of sleep. (ADAA)

The potential of becoming stressed and depressed becomes higher for those who don’t make time for themselves. These are the reasons that a good work-life balance is completely necessary. Now the way to achieve a good work-life balance will begin with working smarter not harder. Work load and time management will need to be effectively proportioned. It is important to leave work behind. Your evenings should include relaxation and preparation for the next day, not answering work calls or emails. Switching on and off work mode is key. Understandably there will be times when overtime is needed for extra cash.

Once you learn to limit the healthy boundaries of the pressures that come with large projects and deadlines you will find that your superior will understand why you’re not picking up early morning or late hours. There is a reason why an annual leave is provided. The toll that your personal life and health take will eventually affect your ability to be productive at work as well. The responsibilities of your tasks at home, with family, and the unwinding joy of a hobby should be all you focus on during your annual leave. Requesting support by speaking to management will definitely achieve a better work-life balance. Now these may seem like a copious amount of overwhelming suggestions but you don’t have to tackle alone.

How Can We Help You Achieve a Healthy Work-Life Balance?

Here at the Counseling Center for Growth and Recovery in Delray Beach, we belief that given the right support and conditions, people can overcome most challenges and even thrive. Our Clinical Director, Irving Schattner, has over 25 years of experience in diverse clinical settings. We know that no two clients are alike. With techniques such as but not limited to psychodynamic, cognitive, behavioral, psychodrama, emotionally focused, systemic therapies, Gottman Method Couples Therapy, and other modalities, we will meet each client’s needs.

The individualized program that will be designed for you here at the Center for Growth and Recovery will help you achieve the healthy work-life balance that you aspire. The step by step approach and the solutions we will commit to teaching you will facilitate the success of achieving what seems to be the impossible for you or your loved one. If you or a loved one are facing the difficulty of balancing a healthy work-life don’t hesitate to call us. We want you to learn more about how therapy can help you with life challenges by finding real-life solutions please contact us for a free consultation.