Grief is a natural emotional reaction to the loss of a loved one. If you are hurting, I am a psychotherapist with over 25 years of experience in helping with the grief and loss process. Specifically, bereavement is the phase of recovery from the death of the individual you have so dearly cared for. I understand the pain you are going through and together we can walk the journey of healing your personal feelings of loss and the process of grief. I am available to assist residents in Delray Beach and all of Palm Beach County with my effective individual counseling efforts.

Grieving Process: Thoughts And Behaviors

journey of grief

Both grief and loss create a wide range of feelings for many people, from deep sadness to extreme anger, and the process of adapting to the loss of a loved one varies between each individual. The factors that make a difference can be your background, beliefs, and relationship to whom was lost.

Thoughts during the grieving process can be troubling and difficult to overcome alone, or soothing and easier to deal with if there is a person you can trust and confide in. The feelings that are often felt during grieving can include:

  • sadness
  • yearning
  • guilt
  • anger
  • regret

You Are Not Alone: Grief And Loss Counseling

You do not have to be alone during this difficult process and keep your feelings bottled up inside. Many people experience rapid changes in their feelings during this time as they try to make sense of the loss of a significant individual in their lives. The thoughts, actions, and behaviors of an individual during the grieving process can be divided into two types of grief.

  1. Instrumental: focusing on “busy” tasks while trying to minimize and/or hide your heightened emotional expressions.
  2. Intuitive: using the experience of loss and grief as a time to explore the lost relationship, share your feelings with others, identify your role in your life.

There is no “right” way to process feelings of loss, the grieving stage is a personal experience, however, it is often helpful to process your feelings and emotions with another individual. This can aid your recovery from the loss of a significant other in your life and allow you to move on while honoring and remembering your loved one. In your own time,¬†seeking out self-compassion and social support along with counseling is the key to recovery from the grieving process. I am here for all residents of Delray Beach and Palm Beach County, Florida that are struggling with grief and loss. My compassionate approach and intimate therapeutic setting are inviting and relaxing to help you process what you’re going through. Feel free to contact The Counseling Center For Growth And Recovery for more information on my evidence-based individual therapy services.

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